Success across all channels: multichannel sales

We love sales! And we like to work with people. That's why we have specialized in the intelligent integration of all sales channels used by people in contact with customers. And these are fully integrated into our unique Ranger multichannel sales strategy. This is how we ensure intelligent networking of all customer touchpoints.


  • Better sales performance and higher revenues with the same or an even lower budget, includes testing and selection of the optimum sales channel mix
  • Coordinating all channels and customer touchpoints under one roof ensures consistent messages and minimal coverage loss
  • Maximum scalability: options range from pinpoint services to Europe-wide sales



Your key benefits: We intelligently integrate all channels to help you maximize your sales potential. From shops to field services and sales promotions, we have successfully implemented solutions and boosted sales synergies for many well-known companies. And for other customers, we use our multichannel approach to capture whole cities in the shortest possible time.





Specializing in specific products and business sectors, our sales force opens the door to 40 million households across Germany. Working together with our customers, we develop condensed, highly convincing pilot projects and work on a performance basis. For you this means zero sales risk and unlimited sales opportunities.

Why use Ranger as a door opener?

  • High-intensity training of sales staff ensures product expertise
  • Sales representatives capable of adapting to the needs of customers
  • Scaling of projects according to specific target groups on local, regional, national and international levels

Choosing a sales channel is a strategic decision. As a multichannel provider, we're specialists when it comes to labour-intensive, door-to-door sales. For this channel, the entire sales process remains in the hands of the company right up to the consumer. A direct sales strategy is particularly well-suited for target audiences who prefer a more personal approach and are difficult to win over via conventional pull channels. This sales concept is ideal for products requiring explanation, because it offers direct feedback from customers and enables sales staff to react to any customer situation. Direct sales offer the best conditions for developing a loyal customer base.

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If you want other companies to buy your products, you have to speak their language. Ranger has more than a decade of well-founded experience in direct sales to small and medium-sized enterprises.

How Ranger builds business contacts for you:

  • We recruit and train highly qualified B2B sales staff to meet your requirements
  • We provide customized employment schemes tailored to your products, this includes sales teams who work exclusively for your brand in selected regions – across Europe
  • We offer a full range of flexible payment plans, from flat rates to fully variable models

We always work with you to develop fixed target agreements you can rely on. Each year, door-to-door, retail, B2B and sales promotions offer you a number of advantages over in-house sales departments. These strategies can also be supplemented for different target groups, regions or customer segments.

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As a sales partner, Ranger operates shops and outlets throughout Germany. Ranger will also exclusively manage an entire region for you. As established partners for the energy and telecommunications sectors, we offer various shop models, shop-in-shop solutions and sales promotions.

Your benefits:

  • Manage all of your retail activities through a single point of contact
  • Location scouting or acquisition of existing commercial sites
  • We recruit qualified staff to give you perfectly coordinated teams!
  • Revitalization and rebranding of existing shops and networking with other sales channels

Some customers simply have to come to you. We offer support in all key aspects of retail sales, including rates and contracts. We also sell terminal devices and accessories, and provide repair services and installation support. This service quality clearly benefits your brand! If necessary, we optimize your profitability by adding second or third brands.

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Sales Promotion

You want to make your products and services more appealing? As a full-service agency, Ranger supports you in designing, planning and implementing your sales promotions.

From markets and trade fairs to promo stands, when it comes to successful sales promotions, Ranger offers you valuable benefits:

  • Germany-wide sales teams with expertise in telecommunications, energy, financial services and other sectors
  • Total support from project management and training, to procurement of POS equipment

Ranger provides comprehensive back-office and call centre infrastructures along with effective performance and quality management systems. We offer access to attractive, high-traffic stand areas from the ECE group, food retailers and DIY superstores throughout Germany.

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Your company's reputation depends on the quality of your calls. We pick up the phone for you as an inbound channel responding to customer enquiries, or as an outbound channel for generating leads. We also handle follow-up actions and direct sales.

Ranger responds to the growing importance of telesales in direct marketing with a well-trained staff and enough capacity to manage your sales network across Germany. As an inbound channel, we offer you a highly-efficient tool for converting customer inquiries generated by pull mechanisms. And as an outbound channel, we provide the means for direct sales of your products, follow-up actions, cross-selling and upselling. Our goal is to ensure quantifiable sales success. When shall we contact you?

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Market research

Customer satisfaction surveys? Focus group response analysis? Social media monitoring tools? If you really want to know what your customers are buying, find out by letting us conduct test market sales.

With a sales network across Germany and efficient call centres, Ranger professionally researches your markets as part of the sales process. We reach out to potential new and existing customers in a natural environment – instead of an artificial testing situation.

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