We're right at home in all sectors

We develop the right sales strategy for all sectors and products. Our well-trained sales professionals guarantee optimal project results and cost efficiency.



And with our multichannel approach, you can look forward to better sales performance without increasing your budget. Here is an overview of the sectors we have been successfully marketing for many years.





Landline, cable or mobile, our sales projects procure up to 30,000 contracts per year through door-to-door, retail, B2B and sales promotion schemes. We are partnered with the market-leading providers of telecommunications services as well with smaller, regional suppliers. FTTB, fibre optics, cable, triple play and vectoring are anything but new territory for our sales operations: these technologies are all part of our daily business. Backed by decades of experience, Ranger is one of the leading multichannel sales organizations for telecommunications products in Germany. And probably the biggest in door-to-door sales.

We add power to your telecommunications services

Our expertise ranges from VDSL and other landline products, to cable, FTTB, FTTH and mobile phone services. Across Europe, we procure more than 300,000 contracts per year in door-to-door sales, retail for B2B customers and sales promotions. We offer our product partners full coverage on national and regional levels. Our experience with infrastructure expansion projects enables us to successfully commercialize market services based on specific addresses in predefined rollout areas. When it comes to infrastructure expansion projects, Ranger can capture 5-20% of potential households. For FTTH pre-marketing and other special projects, we have captured up to 40% of the potential market for our customers. Ranger is also highly successful in combined sales of telecommunications products, power and gas contracts. This mix is commonly offered by public utilities. Let's talk about your product!

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Ranger has been a market leader in electricity and gas contracts for many years. We work nationwide or regionally with practically all of Europe's leading energy suppliers. Exclusively for our partners, we serve as a brand interface in profitable new and existing customer markets. Our success stories range from solar panels and smart home technologies, to tenant electricity. More than a quarter-million new contracts signed in 2013 speak for themselves. Whether you want to conquer new territories, maintain your customer base or upsell new products and services, we make your targets our prime objective. And deliver on our promise. Switch to Ranger!

We focus our energy on selling your products

We are the experts when it comes to sales processes in the energy sector. Ranger procures 10% of the approximately 2.6 million energy contracts signed each year in Germany. We work with all of the energy companies nationwide in a wide variety of projects. From a pure commission basis, to sales force leasing, multichannel sales activities, retail shop operations and full-scale joint ventures, we build powerful sales structures and make them available to our customers. Ranger customers are here to stay: the retention rate after one year for contracts procured on behalf of our partners is more than 80%. This makes Ranger one of the leading direct marketers of energy products in Germany. We also get top marks for expertise in customer support (according to recent customer surveys conducted by RWE and E.ON).

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Financial services

When it comes to marketing financial services, Ranger offers you professional know-how in generating leads and signing new customers. In a changing regulatory environment, our high-quality processes guarantee successful sales of insurance and other financial products. Our customers value a trusting relationship and the convenience of reviewing options in the comfort of their homes.

We make your products profitable

Financial services are no longer solely the domain of banks and insurance companies. Non-stationary sales of financial products has significantly expanded in recent years. Ranger has responded to this development and provides product partners with highly qualified sales staff for products requiring explanation. We not only comply with the legal regulations, we meet the needs of a demanding clientele. Our multichannel sales approach creates the necessary synergies between different channels and optimizes the sale of your products.

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Media & TV

One of the key Ranger strengths involves marketing and upselling high-quality TV and media packages. The ability of our sales team to explain complex deals guarantees high contract rates, especially for triple play packages. Our customers access more media with TV packages, special interest content and pay TV.

We place your products in the right light

Working with partners including Sky, Kabel Deutschland and Deutsche Telekom Entertain, Ranger relies on years of experience in media and TV service marketing. Supported by continuous, in-depth training, our sales teams not only activate customer demand for media packages and TV-solutions, they can also explain, demonstrate and reliably sell media packages. This enables Ranger to successfully convince customers to upgrade from single or double play to triple play – despite the wide-ranging availability of free TV via multiple transmission paths on the German market. This increases customer value on the infrastructure and wins over new customers for innovative media services. Let's talk about your next marketing project!

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When it comes to marketing payment products, Ranger relies on professional expertise on national and international levels along with the years of experience shared by the responsible contact persons in the segment. This applies to lead generation as well as to new customer acquisitions.

Long-standing experience pays off

Quality processes developed and tested over years guarantee the successful sales of payment products on the acceptance side (credit/debit cards, formerly EC cards) as well as on the issuing side (VISA, MasterCard, Amex, etc.). We also rely on our experience in other payment markets in a constantly changing regulatory environment, including mPOS, offline/online solutions and stationary terminals. We handle sales and fulfilment processes for our partners. This enables them to focus on other core tasks. The customers we visit value a trusting relationship and the convenience of a face-to-face consultation.   All this adds up to a condensed, custom-tailored multichannel sales approach with outstanding scalability. Ranger offers maximum flexibility to ensure optimal alignment with your business models and processes.   Benefit from our years of experience in the payment sector and significantly increase your sales with Ranger.

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And that's not all

In addition to our core business fields in telecommunications, energy, financial services and media, we offer sales support to many other sectors – especially those that supply innovative products and services that require explanation. These projects often represent "real" sales market research for our partners. We work together with you to develop multichannel sales strategies and test them for effectiveness.

Successful sales are close at hand

Outside of the company's key business fields, Ranger offers the same high-quality services to ensure fast and efficient market access. From security concepts for private consumers and businesses, to subscriber services for residential and commercial customers, website services and office supplies: Ranger consistently offers customized marketing solutions for your products and services.

In-depth sales training and continuing education for our staff enables us to successfully sell your product or service with full market coverage and within the shortest possible time. But innovations and new product launches are accompanied by risk. For this we offer regional pilots. The rollout takes place only after the project is successful and necessary improvements have been made along the entire product and process chain. What shall we start selling for you?

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