We have a passion for sales!

Ranger Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH is one of Europe's leading companies for personalized customer services. Our product partners entrust us with whole segments of their sales operations. From door-to-door, to retail sales and promotions: Ranger is backed by years of experience working with B2B and B2C customers at all levels.

Ranger stands for maximum quality. As a dynamic, innovative company, we set the standards in today's sales markets.

Ranger facts & figures:

  • Present in 7 countries
  • 150 sales locations in Europe
  • 2,000 customer advisors and regional sales partners
  • >1 million customer contacts per month
  • >60,000 contracts signed per month
  • 12,000 telephone contacts per day

More than 35 customers in telecommunications, energy, retail, financial services, media and TV rely on Ranger services

Ulrich Feiler

Managing Director Finance & Operations



Tobias Mehrer

Managing Director Sales & Business Development

Frank Rittmann

Managing Director Sales

Knut Gellhaar

Managing Director / CFO

The Ranger Story: How it all started

This is the story of two men who met coincidentally in the United States in the 1980s. Frank is a young German who dreams of playing his electric guitar and becoming a famous musician in California. John is still in college and learns about direct sales in a summer internship. He's having so much fun, he decides to quit college. Eighteen months later, he's a manager coaching an entire sales team. At age nineteen he launches his own company.

Frank realizes that he probably can't make a living from playing guitar and decides to try his luck in direct sales. His first day on the job is a disaster. His team leader has many talents, but sales isn't one of them. He's not cut out for teaching other people about selling. But then he meets John and begins to realize that this business is not only fun. It offers career opportunities and teaches you a lot of interesting things.

Frank and John decide to start a business together and build a direct sales network in Germany. Starting off in 1992 with a small office in Dusseldorf, they put together a high-power team. They start out selling pocket calculators, cookbooks, pots & pans, stuffed animals – sometimes in the millions.

But their big break comes in 1998 when they launched into sales network services. Name-brand customers including Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and RWE, are all on board. Ranger grows to become the most successful in door-to-door sales in Germany and starts capturing other European markets.

The success story continues. Frank and John have bigger plans: Ranger is positioned for future growth. Because customers want to be advised by sales professionals who take time and respond to their individual needs.