Quality and sales are two inseparable elements

At Ranger, we regard quality and sales as a single entity. The ultimate goal is to advise your customers as effectively as possible, present your product and protect your brand. Let's start with our customer advisors. Comprehensive product training and support teaches these specialists about professional sales approaches. At the same time, our customer advisors are monitored and supervised in the field by experienced consultants.

Following a signed customer contract, the order is immediately sent to the Ranger Service Centre. In a follow-up telephone call, customer details, rate information and the quality of service is assessed. Instead of a quick business deal, we plan long term for each customer and employee contact. Professional, competent conduct is essential to successful sales and the only way to ensure the best possible results. The following are key elements of Ranger quality assurance:

Direct verification

After our customer representative concludes a sales contract on-site, the order is immediately sent to our service centre. The entered data is subjected to several plausibility checks before it is forwarded to downstream departments. Without exception, every customer receives a quality phone call from one of our 100+ agents in the Ranger Service Centre. Contract scope and content is discussed with the customer and confirmed.

Guaranteed sales

Customers are routinely asked for feedback about the quality of service received. This is how we make sure everything meets your new customer expectations. Should any questions or problems arise, the case is immediately forwarded to our Customer Care department where every effort is made to promptly clarify the issue. Direct verification enables us to determine the quality of service provided by each sales representative and take swift action to resolve any potential problems.

Quality indicators

Long-term sales success can be determined by integrated monitoring and analysis of relevant indicators. All information is promptly posted in detail and can be directly accessed by our staff.

Control via quality indicators

Ranger continuously records, monitors, analyses and automates all key quality and performance indicators. This enables us to achieve constant transparency of all sales activities and ensure direct intervention if necessary. This is our way of making sure our customers attain maximum revenue growth with excellent quality. Our tracking processes record key figures including sales per region, product and quality indicators, customer cancellations, unsatisfactory sales advice, procedural run rates and much more. At the same time, this enables our staff to detect changes and problems at an early stage and proactively initiate suitable countermeasures.

Training programme

At Ranger, we invest heavily in state-of-the-art, professional training. This helps us ensure our excellently trained customer advisors are qualified to explain the benefits of your products or services.

Ready for new challenges

Our customer advisors are not only trained in face-to-face sessions, they also have direct access to interactive media. This is made available online and through our innovative e-learning programme with the latest product information. Ranger TV, a film database with currently more than 600 films, provides in-depth product and training information with daily updates. Regular training is also provided on a local level. These workshops are carried out in-house by our experienced trainers, or on-site with instructors provided by our product partners. And if a difficult question is asked by a customer and cannot be answered on the spot, our customer advisors can access an info hotline for direct support.

Process expertise

Not only are we professionals when it comes to sales. Our processes also reflect our expertise and many years of experience with complex sales strategies. What makes us the innovation leaders in sales processes?

Excellent data resources from the start serve as the basis for our success. Our sales staff can access online applications via smartphone or tablet computer at all times. Advanced tools for territory planning and clearly displayed expansion areas effectively save time and enable our staff to spend more time with customers.

After speaking with the customer, the sales representative records the required data and verifies all information. This then followed up and checked with a quality phone call, at which time the quality of the sales talk is assessed.

We guarantee the highest data security and take privacy very seriously. Excellent data quality also enables us to ensure maximum flexibility in case there are any changes in the rates or products.

Our systems and applications allow comprehensive integration into our partners' systems and at the same time, enable you to determine the depth of integration. We can also manage back-office tasks for you. This is carried out by expertly trained, highly efficient staff. Our reporting can be tailored to your specific needs. Our in-house system developers and state-of-the-art technologies stand for outstanding digitization and innovation leadership.