Melanie Krichen

Melanie had plans to join the police force. But the conditions were not what she wanted. So she decided to look in the newspaper for job offers and spontaneously applied for a position in Krefeld. She originally planned a temporary job before starting her formal education. But Melanie found that she enjoyed working in sales and meeting people. "I quickly realized that every day is different at Ranger – and that's what makes it so exciting", she says. "My initial earnings were high and that motivated me to stay in this job. Ranger offers excellent career opportunities and I decided that this would be a good place to start climbing the career ladder."

After her first year, Melanie was promoted to assistant manager. She opened her first shop on Essen six years ago. As a woman, Melanie had to assert herself in this business: "When I started working, I was not as self-confident as I am today. But at Ranger, I found the support and freedom I needed to build the level of respect that is so essential to success." Melanie is one of the few female sales partners. Over the past few years, she has worked hard to recruit women and offer them the same career opportunities she has earned. Today, Melanie is the owner and managing director of Target One Marketing in Essen.

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