Jan Heimbach

Jan joined Ranger in June 2013 and works as a trainer at PK Connect in Dusseldorf. As an energy expert, he's on the road every day for E.ON and has a passion for advising customers. It's no coincidence that Jan is known as a "sales hero". He attaches great importance to valuable customer advice and combines excellent sales performance with outstanding quality. "My main focus is on the customer. Before joining Ranger I worked for several years as a salesman in the field … selling accessories (scarves, etc.).

But when I found out that the company I was working for was about to go broke, I started looking for a new challenge. I discovered the Ranger job in a newspaper advert. Contact with people was an important factor." Jan has big goals: "I want to become a sales partner as quickly as possible and build my own team. One thing is certain: I'm happy working for Ranger and I love my job. I also appreciate the unique career opportunities available to me."

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