Florian Stodt

After leaving high school in his senior year, Florian joined the military. Afterwards, he started working as a trainee in retail sales. The lack of career opportunities is what prompted Florian to start looking for new job prospects. He learned about a Ranger sales partner position through an advert in a newspaper. Before long, he discovered his passion for sales and working with people.

"I recognized my talent for dealing with employees and decided to pursue a career as a trainer", he said. When an assistant manager position became available at the office in Dortmund, Florian seized the opportunity.

Florian was soon offered a chance to open a branch office in Recklinghausen. After 8-9 successful months, he had 10 employees working for him. He was promoted to sales partner in 2011. A second branch office opened in Hamburg and several more are in the planning stages. "After more than seven years, I still love my job", Florian explains. "I set new goals for myself every day. This is what I thrive on. A job that offers new challenges and gives me a chance to grow. My ultimate goal is to offer my staff the same opportunities to do something with their lives."

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