Telekom Vectoring and MBfD marketing – our contribution to more broadband

One of the most important Deutsche Telekom projects in recent years involves the construction and marketing of broadband connections across Germany. Within the framework of the MBfD project – more broadband for Germany, Ranger plays a key role in the marketing of broadband connections >25 Mbit/s. One of the most important aspects of the strategy involves exact address marketing within the Deutsche Telekom infrastructure expansion areas. Once again, the focus is on gaining new customers. But Ranger is also responsible for upgrading existing customers. Ranger has been highly successful in each new Telekom vectoring region for more than two years.

Precise control of sales operations in these regions is crucial. State-of-the-art area management is handled by mapping broadband expansion areas and generating address lists. Smartphone and telephone-based availability checks for customers are carried out along with fully automated order forwarding for the follow-up quality call. Ranger is responsible for quality monitoring as well as for achievement of regional targets. In less than three months, a high penetration rate of up to 20% new Telekom connections was reached in the new expansion regions.

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