Deutsche Telekom – more than 10 years of successful sales for the market leader

Since 2004, Ranger has been planning and implementing Deutsche Telekom direct sales marketing strategies for fixed line contracts. The focus is on generating new customers and upgrading existing accounts to triple play with the "Telekom Entertain" product.

Working for Deutsche Telekom, Ranger designed comprehensive training tools and managed on-site training. Advanced training materials, e-learning courses and Ranger TV media guarantee the achievement of ambitious sales targets and provide intelligent incentives for sales teams.



The success of these projects is based on deep system and process integration for our partner, Deutsche Telekom. This ensures optimum regional control in line with product availability and maximizes the quality of submitted contracts. This is the key to gaining satisfied customers. We also enable in-depth monitoring of numerous KPIs for quality control and follow-up monitoring.

Within the framework of the Deutsche Telekom project, we convinced hundreds of thousands of existing customers to upgrade their contracts to triple play. And the number of complaints and cancellations proved to be the lowest in the market. Overall, we managed to gain more than one million new customers for Deutsche Telekom.

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