Professional support from strategy to implementation

A project has to be properly conceived to render the right results. Backed by 25 years of experience as a full-service provider with comprehensive expertise in all aspects of sales, Ranger has the know-how required to support you. Our services are based on a modular concept.

  • Advice regarding target segments, target groups, product strategies, sales channel planning based on market research and field tests
  • Rapid, high-quality implementation in performance-based, IT-supported processes
  • Professional implementation in sales with preparation of the right sales channels, passionate sales teams, product-specific training and direct sales support
  • Reports that enable transparent implementation at all times
  • Implementation of quality assurance measures including service call, voice file recording, KPI-based fraud management, credit checks on behalf of customers etc.



With more than 80 sites in Germany, we can operate nationwide or take control on a regional level. For local support infrastructures, we have advanced territory management tools that enable a street/address-related approach (e.g. list based).
Different payment schemes are available. We assume the full risk. You simply define your personnel requirements, we recruit staff and handle all hiring actions. We offer several different payment schemes.

  1. Fixed monthly fee:
    You pay us a flat rate with no cost for recruiting and hiring.
  2. Variable payment:
    You pay a value-based commission, i.e. a fixed amount for each sales contract. This model is rapidly scalable and easy to administer.
  3. Combination of payment schemes:
    The above payment schemes can also be combined. Contact us for further details.




Four steps to success

Set-up. Piloting. Rollout. Scaling. These are the steps we use to reach your target audience. Product range, distribution channels and processes are developed in the pilot phase. The exact terms and conditions for regulated marketing are then optimized based on the pilot results. This ensures maximum transparency and certainty for all participants. The scope of the pilot phase is flexible.

The results are included in an optimization process that ends with the fine-tuning of all parameters. Various payment schemes can be arranged for the subsequent rollout. After the rollout, we continually optimize the processes and adapt them to market conditions. Our goal is a long-term partnership with solid growth.